SAURA Autopilot SA-10 series


SAURA Autopilot SA-10 series

SA-10 series
Tight course holding, rugged construction, versatile steering/navigation parameters,yet very simple operation. SA-10 offers what professionals expect for an auto pilot.SA-10 series auto pilot is based upon the successful heritage of our 3000AT series that is renowned for performance and reliability

SA-10 Operator Console

Auto Pilot electronics, display and controls are all housed in this cabinet No junction box or distribution box is required

SA-101P Panel Mount Control Head

Easy to install and mount into the consoles of a variety of steering room layouts. Dial steering control ( F.F.U.) is fitted as standard.

SA-101 Wheel House Unit

Auto pilot control head is inlaid into a 150mm steering compass binnacle.

Top quality 150mm steering compass with full deviation correctors.

Space saving and easy installation.

SA-101 is a complete auto pilot and steering compass package in a single binnacle enclosure.

Space saving and easy installation.

SA-102 Auto Pilot Steering Stand

SA-101 on top of pedestal stand.

Hydraulic steering wheel is available for both power assited and hand steering


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