LALIZAS Liferaft SOLAS OCEANO, Throw Over-board


Liferaft SOLAS OCEANO, Throw Over-board

Lalizas SOLAS OCEANO liferafts are available in 6 to 35 person versions, and are designed mainly for commercial and offshore use. The liferaft is equipped with external lifelines, retro reflective tapes and deep ballasted water pockets and it can contain either pack A or pack B, the standard equipment as provided by LSA code. The SOLAS OCEANO is manufactured and tested in accordance with SOLAS latest directive ensuring the highest level of safety for the occupants.

Features & Specifications

  1. Inflation system activated by the painter line of canister when needed.
  2. Gas inflation by CO2 cylinder
  3. International orange, double layered canopy with recto-reflective panels
  4. Rain water collection gutter
  5. Ventilation and observation port
  6. Large ballasted stabilization peripheral pockets
  7. Fully opening entrance with fitted boarding ladder and towing device. The 10 to 35 person versions also include an additional back entrance with fitted ramp for boarding from the sea.
  8. External and internal lifelines also used as hand holders
  9. Comprehensive international service centers
  10. Stowage max height: 36m above sea level or higher upon special request
  11. LSA Code approved pack A or B
  12. Canister includes cradle, strap &operation line

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