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garbage-and-oily-waste-service-boat-1Pelikan is a working boat used for cleaning water surfaces. This 100% Italian project was born in Ancona as an idea of Garbage Service, expert in the field of marine de-pollution. Two technologic partners took part to this project and brought important contributions: Novamont the world leader in the field of biochemistry and the inventor of Matrol-Bi (gear lubricant made from vegetable oils), which has been used for the first time in the marine environment for this project; Cial, the National Consortium for the collection and reuse of aluminum, that has provided the recycled aluminum to build the hull.

The idea of Pelikan comes from the need to innovate the working crafts used to collect solid floating waste, half submerged waste, and oily waste in the water surfaces. A true and deep innovation of great value, which led to a highly specialized shipbuilding work, through the redesign of all the technologic components and the use of environmentally friendly materials and organic products, which make Pelikan an efficient and ecologic boat, thanks to its minimal impact on the ecosystem. Features that make Pelikan become a unique example of intelligent and sensitive technology, fully coherent with the activities for the defense of the sea, for which it was designed.

Nowadays Pelikan represents a proposal that is capable of making Ancona the world capital in this niche sector, given the large commercial potential of this boat in Italy, Europe and all over the world. The challenge of the new Pelikan era, shared by all the partners, is to export not only the boat, but also an integrated system of know-how and technologies, in order to protect the marine environment.

The Pelikan is a technologically advanced working boat for the clean-up and collection of wastes on the water surfaces. Its dimensions allow the normal highway transportation thus ensuring a quick transfer, which is an essential factor to provide rapid interventions. The Pelikan operates with a two-man crew, it is homologated for navigation within six miles off the coast and it is built in accordance to the rules enacted by the Central Inspectorate for the defense of the sea.


Part of the boat’s bow consists of two pliers that open hydraulically when activated from the cockpit through two levers. Whilst working at a reduced speed with opened pliers, the boat, using the propeller’s suction flow, collects the polluting material in the bow and conveys it into storage containers: the solid material is collected by an hydraulically controlled drum that works by lifting and emptying; slurry oils are collected by a surface suction system, equipped with a case for oil/water separation. The surface suction flow is generated by the propeller/tunnel system whilst closing the side doors formed on the tunnel itself, through an hydraulic control; such doors will be re-opened during navigation in order to allow the necessary water flow to the propeller. For small spots of film/oil slurry, the hull is equipped with nozzle-holding arms to spray proper liquid dispersant.


The oxygenation is used to break down the iridescence due to hydrocarbons and various pollutants, by creating a mixture of water/air through a forced circulation system, which is located at the boat’s stern and utilizes the power of the water that is drawn from an auxiliary motor and then injected back into the water, mixed with air. The system is applicable when the water is subjected to atrophy and allows the restoration of normal conditions.


The boat can also be used as a support in case of fire within ports. Thanks to its powerful motor pump, such boat can aspire a large amount of water through the sea water circuit and then direct it on the area affected by the fire, with strong pressure, by using a shotgun installed on the stern area. This prerogative, together with the exceptional maneuver ability (the hull can rotate on itself), allows the Pelikan to be able to offer valuable service.

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