Day/Night Surveillance Camera

Vigy Observer

Vigy Observer is a panoramic, stabilized shipborne observation system. Featuring a compact, modular design, it can be installed on any type of ship, from merchant marine freighters to coast guard interceptors or fast patrol boats, as well as warships.
Fitted with multiple optronic sensors and an excellent gyro-based stabilization system, Vigy Observer is easy to use day or night. Both small and light, it is easy to install, without requiring special tools or any changes to the boat’s structure. Vigy Observer comprises a control console, a joystick and a monitor, and is ready for immediate use after installation.

Vampir NG

Vampir NG is a very long-range infrared search/track system. It provides naval ships with passive panoramic surveillance functions including automatic detection, tracking and reporting of symmetric or asymmetric threats, from sea-skimming anti-ship missiles to Fast Incoming Attack Craft. Vampir NG offers two operational modes: “ocean” mode allows very large range search at high sea while “littoral” mode allows long-range and large elevation search along the coast. The false alarm rate is very low, even in the littoral environment. It is the most sensitive system on the market as well as the first one using the ultra-rapid “step-and-stare” principle enabling 360° coverage with a single high-performance IR camera. With unsurpassed performance and reliability, VAMPIR NG is the best selling naval IRST worldwide

PASEO: Multi-mission naval electro-optical fire control system

From self-defense operations to ship protection at anchor, PASEO electro-optical FCS provides surface vessels with high precision engagement capacities against sea or air targets and terrorist threats. Day or night, it ensures short to long-range identification & tracking even in very rough sea conditions with poor visibility. PASEO features state of the art optronic sensors (MWIR, HDTV, SWIR, LRF), integrated in a perfectly stabilized sensor box. Integrated in a Combat Management System or operated in a stand-alone mode, PASEO allows manual or automatic sector surveillance, automatic target tracking, aid to identification and transmission or reception of 3D target designation information. PASEO is able to simultaneously control several guns of different calibers and provide target indication data to short range missile systems. PASEO is available in XLR version (extra long range) for enhanced target identification performance.

EOMS NG: Naval electro-optical multifunction system

Multifunction, EOMS NG is the sole system in its category to combine on a single unit both IRST and gun optronic fire control. Suited for all surface vessels, it is an efficient and cost effective solution for self-protection against conventional and asymmetrical threats.
Day and night, EOMS NG provides automatic 360° detection, identification, and gun/short range missile engagement of all surface and air targets, from anti-ship sea-skimming missiles to Fast Incoming Attack Craft (FIAC).
EOMS NG includes the following key features:

  • Infrared Search and Track (IRST): fully passive panoramic surveillance with automatic threat detection, tracking and reporting
  • Electro-Optical Director (EOD): target identification with IR and TV cameras in narrow field of view and 3D automatic tracking using laser range finder
  • Interface with all major weapon systems natively supported (artillery, short range missiles)