Marine Day 2017

The “Marine Day” activities of Marinethai Group are organized continuously every year. It aims to strengthen and deepen the relationship between the employees of affiliated companies. The “Marine Day” event is the company’s policy to provide all employees including company’s management to have a chance to know each other closely, this opportunity to tighten the relationship and better cooperation for the most benefit of the whole companies.

The activities of Marinethai Relationship Day or Marine Day of Marinethai Group in this year were held on 17th June 2017 at Dong Tan Beach of Royal Thai Fleet, Sattahip, Chonburi province. There will be activities in the various bases to join the sporting events along with the planting of corals to conserve natural resources underwater as well. In this time of Marine Day 2017, there is Admiral Pairoj Kaensarn the honorary advisor to give honors preside and join activities together.

Marinethai Group Company consists of the leading companies in the maritime industry such as A. & Marine (Thai) Co., Ltd., Marine Survitec Co., Ltd. etc. They are supplier and service of marine equipment, communication devices and marine safety equipment on all types of ships in accordance with International Standards.