GPS 2019 Week 1024 Rollover

gps rollover 2019

What is the GPS 2019 Week 1024 Rollover?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) provides very accurate timing that is transmitted to our GPS Receivers from the GPS satellites. This is used to calculate position fixes and to display date and time on GPS CDUs. The timing information includes the ability to transmit the current week and number of seconds into that week. The GPS receiver translates this into a more common format of time of day, day, month and year. The weeks are represented by a 10-bit binary number that limits the range of the week number to 1024 weeks. The counter is reset to zero after the completion of week 1023.

  • GPS week zero started on 6th January 1980 and the 1023 week counter last rolled over on 21st August 1999 with the week counter reset to zero on 22nd August 1999
  • The next time the counter will reach week 1023 is on 6th April 2019. It will roll over to zero on 7th April 2019
  • This issue could affect some older GPS products by displaying an incorrect date after the GPS week roll over.

How does this affect our Professional GPS receivers?

We are pleased to confirm that our professional GPS receivers are not affected by this GPS week rollover and will continue to count the week in succession. Our GPS receivers will continue to function properly without any issue. GPS week rollovers have been accounted for and implemented in our professional GPS receivers in firmware builds from 1999.
Although the date is displayed on the CDU, this is calculated by the GPS receiver, therefore our Professional GPS displays are not affected by this either. Our recreational GPS products are unaffected as well.

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