Super Star 6900


The Super Star 6900 is a combination transmitter-receiver designed
General primarily for marine use, It employs the very latest technology to provide
Frequency Composition Phase-Locked-Loop (PLL) Synthesizer 168 channels of operation by means of digital frequency synthesis with
Channels 168 PLL (phase-locked-loop) circuitry. The use of PLL assures a precise
Frequency Range A – 26.105 ~ 26.505MHz
on-frequency operation on every channel in both transmit and receive
B – 26.515 ~ 26.955MHz
mode. The Super Star 6900 also includes many other features which
C – 26.965 ~ 27.405MHz
will  provide  greater  operating convenience  and  assure optimum
D – 27.415 ~ 27.855MHz
communications under a wide range of conditions.
E – 27.865 ~ 27.985MHz
Frequency space 10 kHz P Operable on 168 channels divided into 5 groups.P
Emission AM/FM/CW/SSB 168 channels, AM/FM/CW/SSB modes of operationP
Operating Temperature Range -20 °C ~ +50 °C Front panel SWR meter
Power Source 13.8 VDC ± 10%
P 2-way RF gain button switch.
Dimensions 237(D)x200(W)x60(H)mm
P Full  noise  reduction  features – ANL and  noise
Weight 1.95kgs
P RF power output switchable in 2-way for required
Transmitter communication range.
RF Power Output High Low P TX lamp that indicates you are on-the-air.
AM 10 W 1 W P External speaker jack for an extra sound source.
FM 10 W 1 W P Electrically floating chassis for negative ground
CW 10 W 1 W
SSB 20watts PEP P A high-sensitivity dynamic microphone equipped.
P Hand Microphone: Super Star
Receiver P Desk Top Microphone (Options)
Sensitivity for 10dB SINAD AM 0.5uV; SSB 0.25uV P Marine Fibre Antenna (Options)
FM 20dB SINAD 0.25uV P Power Supply: SPL-212 (Options)
Squelch Sensitivity 0.5uV
Image Rejection 65 dB
Selectivity 60 dB
Audio Output Power 2.5W at 10% THD CB Antenna
(All stated specifications are subject to change without prior notice or obligation.) Aluminium
Distributor: Power Supply: Hand Microphone:
Super Star
Super Star Corporation Marine Fibre Marine Fibre
CB Antenna
Original designed : JAPAN CB Antenna
1.3m Model 9051 2.7m Model 0041
Made in : MALAYSIA


เครื่องวิทยุรับ-ส่งย่านความถี่ CB 27MHz Super Star 6900


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