Onwa KP-6299A


Onwa KP-6299A

5.7″ Color LCD Automatic Identification System (AIS)/GPS Plotter/compatible with C-MAP MAX

  1. Built-in Automatic Identification System (AIS) Receiver (6299B) or Automatic Identification System (AIS) Class B Transponder (6299A)
  2. High resolution TFT day-view LCD display
  3. SD-cards slot for C-Map MAX and user data
  4. C-Map MAX and K-Chart Selectable
  5. Tide table and Celestial display
  6. Versatile display mode include
    • Plotter Screen
    • Nav.Data
    • Satellite Information
    • AIS Display
    • Compass Screen
  7. GOTO track navigation
  8. Map orientation select
  9. Proximity waypoints alarms
  10. Perspective View
  11. Palette
    • Normal
    • Daylight – exposed to sunlight
    • Night – in dark environment
    • NOAA- paper chart color
  12. Wind speed and direction display by optional sensor input
  13. AIS guard zone with CPA and TCPA alarm

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