JOTRON Public Address & General Alarm Systems


JOTRON Public Address & General Alarm Systems

Jotron has a wide range of Public Address & Alarm Systems for different applications. The main products are :

  • SPA 1500 – A standard marine Small Public Address system, especially designed to cover the need for PA and entertainment distribution onboard small and medium size vessels.
  • MPA 1600 – A marine and offshore Public Address System especially designed to meet the requirements for PA/GA and entertainment distribution onboard ships and mobile offshore units. The system is in conformity to SOLAS, IMO and IEC regulations.
  • Compact MPA – A Public Address (PA) and General Alarm (GA) system optimized for IMO / Solas requirements. Can be configured to a wide range of installation complexities, all in a compact cabinet.
  • PAGA 1700 – A Public Address and General Alarm System designed to meet the tough requirements for PAGA systems to oil and gas -, and other industrial applications, both offshore and onshore.
  • LMS – Loudspeaker Monitoring System for remote monitoring, testing and tapping of all loudspeakers connected. The loudspeaker monitoring unit will be mounted inside the loudspeaker with no need for extra junction boxes and using the existing 1 pair cable. The system includes online documentation of the complete  loop from the amplifier to the loudspeaker.  An updated version of the system is downloadable from the bottom of this page.


  • Power Amplifier 1670 – A unique 400 W Class D Power Amplifier for use with MPA 1600and PAGA 1700. The 1 U height 1670 amplifier is hot swappable and configurable with hot standby functionality.

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