Danelec DM100 L-VDR


Danelec L-VDR DM100 (Light Voyage Data Recorder) In need of voyage data documentation ?

Danelec L-VDR DM100 newest generation of light VDRs is built on the same proven platform as the DM100 VDR / S-VDR and provides the recording capabilities of a type approved full VDR system without being connected to a fixed/float-free capsule.

The DM100 L-VDR is a non-mandatory system,intended for vessels not required to implement a full VDR or a simplified VDR by regulations, but in need of responsible documentation of voyage related data. Monitoring of the vessel for efficient ship management or looking for the benefits of ship-2-shore remote management solutions.

DM100 L-VDR (Light Voyage Data Recorder)

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