LALIZAS Compasses Sport X-10-M


LALIZAS Compasses Sport X-10-M












Compasses Sport X-10-M

Mount it on your deck. Mount it on your windshield. Mount it on your dash. Here’s a compass that’s just the right size for small power boats.

Code 31200 31201 31202
Description Sport X-10-M Sport X-10B-M Sport X-10W-M
Colour Grey Black White


Boat Style/Size

Dial Size/Design

Night Lighting



Approx. Shipping Wt.

Power/Up to 16ft (4.88m)

2 ” (5.08cm)/Direct Read

12V Green



5 oz. (142g)

Compasses Sport X-10-M

Compasses Sport X-10-B

The fully adjustable and reversible bracket allows a mounting range of over 300º from over head, through angled and vertical mounts to horizontal surfaces. These mounting position options and your choice of mounting hardware permit mounting from windshield or supporting frame structures, to slanted dash boards and consoles to almost any flat, angled or vertical surface.


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